From a visionary man,


This is how it all started:

    Montetaxco was born from the dream of a visionary man, who came to Taxco to stay forever, a town that he adopted as his second crib and who when seeing from different places the hills that surround him, imagined a hotel on the top of the mountain, This visionary and enterprising man was Don Alfredo Checa Curi, always supported by his wife Mrs. Ma. Antonieta Levien de Checa and their children Marinette, Alfredo, Pablo, Damia, Rafael and Christian. That was how he began his dream in 1970, at the top of the Cerro de la Cantera.

    Don Alfredo, as everyone told him, at the beginning had many problems to be able to build the hotel, due to the complicated nature of the mountain, but using the help of architects, engineers, people from the community and even donkeys, who helped him trace the On the way, he finally managed to achieve his dream, which to date is an important key for Taxco tourism, for the state of Guerrero and for national and international tourism.

Montetaxco has hosted large special events: large company conventions, weddings, fifteen years, birthdays. Films such as "El Chanfle 2" by Chespirito have been recorded. Countless commercials, reports, soap operas have been made and it has been visited by great singers, music groups, artists, actors, comedians, politicians, governors, business people and tourists from all over the world and from different races and creeds and all have Had a special place in the life of this hotel with 46 years of service and we hope to see many more.

Enjoy Montetaxco

  • Rooms and Suites

  • Panoramic Elevator

  • Swimming pool

  • Restaurant "El Taxqueño"

  • Trattoria di Pablo Snack Bar & Grill

  • Toni's Specialty Restaurant

  • Gym

  • Rooms for events and conventions

  • Windows Live Music & Disco

  • Freddies Café Bar

  • Golf course

  • Spa

  • Cable car

  • Tennis Courts (Out of service due to remodeling)

  • Shops and Silverware

  • Climbing wall for children

The schedules depend on the day and are subject to change without notice. Not all consumption centers are available every day and some are at extra cost. For more information contact

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When our guests arrive, they begin to live the Montetaxco Experience. The architecture of the hotel inspired by the colonial scenes of Taxco, the reception of our staff, and of course the rooms that for the most part have the impressive panoramic view of the entire town.

On weekends with the traditional chinelos, the wind band, the folk ballet, the bonfire and the fireworks.

All this and more is part of living the Montetaxco Experience.

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