Pet Regulation

Dear guest, we appreciate reading in detail the regulation for pets and sign of acceptance so that you and your pet can enjoy your stay with us. The price per accommodation is $ 300 pesos per night, per pet.

  • Only pets weighing up to 15 kilograms are accepted.

  • The client must arrive with everything necessary for their food and drink. As well as his

    cage, carrier or similar where the pet can be kept.

  • In the event that the client leaves the hotel or is in areas where the pet cannot enter, they must leave them at the reception with their respective cages. The pet must never remain in the room alone.

  • In case the pet makes noise during the night, the client must leave his

    pet at the reception to avoid the inconvenience of other guests.

  • The pet will not be able to enter the restaurants, bars, disco, lounges. Neither will be able to enter the gardens inside the hotel.

  • The pet in other public areas must always remain with a chain or collar and it should never be left free.

  • In the event that there are malfunctions, damaged, stained or broken in rooms or other areas the customer must pay for the total damage.

  • The client is responsible for any situation involved with the pet and someone, including guests, customers, or hotel staff.

  • There will plastic bags available at front desk for feces.

  • For any reason the hotel is not responsible of yout pet and whatever could happen to you within the stay at the hotel.

  • Pets can be in the pool area, but cannot be inside the pool and close to the tables of the Trattoria (restaurant) and you cannot go into the pool either. They must be chained and secured in areas away from food.

  • In case the pet is barking or disturbing others guests, it is necessary to remove it from the area.

  • IMPORTANT: On Saturdays nights fireworks are launched at the hotel, which is important emphasize that pets could be very bothered by this noise so you must be very aware when this happens.

Pet Registration

To register your pet, please complete the following information.